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Free Blank Book Cover Template – Book Report & Reading Clip Art

Book Clip ArtI remember when I was in elementary school, I had to redesign the cover for a book report. Perhaps you or your child have a similar assignment. For that reason, I have created a free book cover template for kids. This template is free for personal and educational use, so feel free to share it will other parents and teachers. Further down the page there is also a collection of reading clip art featuring blank book covers in various colors.

To open a larger versions of the images, please click the pictures below. When the larger image opens in your browser, right click and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

Blank Book Cover Template for Book Reports

Book Cover Template
This template would have come in handy in 6th grade, when I had to redesign the cover for Roald Dahl’s “Boy.” This was before I knew Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and so I used those old fashioned things called markers.

Black and White Blank Book Cover Clip Art

Here are two black and white images of a blank closed book.

Book Cover Clip Art Image

Closed Book Clip Art Black and White

Closed Book Clip Art Image- Red & Yellow Books

Here are some more clip art images of closed books, in red, yellow, green and blue.

        Closed Book Clip Art

Book Clip Art

Book Clip Art Image – Green & Blue Books

Closed Book Clip Art  Closed Book Clip Art

Pile of Books Clip Art Image

Pile of Books Clip Art

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