Compound Word Worksheets

A compound word is a word made up of two words that have been put together. A few examples of compound words include: firefly, moonlight, and airport.

Here are two free compound word worksheets for Language Arts students, teachers, and homeschooling parents. Help your kids learn about compound words. In the first worksheet, students will pick words from a word box to form compound words. In the second worksheet, students will match words to form compound words. Answer keys are included on the second page of each PDF.

To download, please click a worksheet, or the text-link beneath it. The image link goes to the jpeg version, and the text-link goes to the PDF version. Teachers, feel free to print enough copies for your entire classroom.

Printable Compound Word Worksheets – PDF

Compound Word Worksheets

Download: Compound-Word-Worksheet.PDF

Compound Words Worksheet

Download: Compound-Word-Worksheet-2.PDF

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