Fact and Opinion Worksheets

Download two free fact and opinion worksheets for your Language Arts classroom. These original worksheets will help your students learn the difference between a fact and an opinion. In each worksheet, students will be presented with a set of related questions. One of these questions is a fact, while the other is an opinion. It will be their job to decide which is which.

An example goes as follows:

Fact or Opinion: George Washington was the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

Fact of Opinion: George Washington was the best president of the United States.

The first sentence is a fact. The second sentence is an opinion.

To download these PDF worksheets, click the fact and opinion worksheets below, or click on the text links below them.

Fact and Opinion Worksheets – PDF Format

fact and opinion worksheets

Download: Fact-and-Opinion-Worksheet.PDF

free fact and opinion worksheet

Download: Fact-and-Opinion-Worksheet-2.PDF

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