Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet

The Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet, the one time when Language Arts and American  fast food collide to form a creative and effecting writing tool for young students. As I was looking around for new printables to illustrate, I made an unfortunate discovery: Just like their namesake cuisine counterparts, all the online hamburger paragraph printables were of poor quality. Cheaply produced clipart illustrations slapped onto Word documents. I decided to mend this problem, by drawing a high-quality hamburger that would actually make your mouth water. Out with the McDonalds, and in with the Long Horn! And now I present to you my creation: Tim’s Printable Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet, sponsored by the kind folks at Dutch Renaissance Press, for your child’s intellectual consumption.

Now you can show you kids and students the layers that make up a strong paragraph. Beginning at the top, we’ve got the topic sentence / top bun. This is the main message of the paragraph. Next we have the supporting sentences, represented on the hamburger by the tasty topping: lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, bacon (Mmmm….Bacon). Then, to wrap it all up, we conclude with a conclusion sentence that connects the supporting details with the topic sentence, visually shown by the hamburger’s bottom bun.


Free Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet

Downloading Instructions: This printable is available in color and black & white. Click on a hamburger paragraph image to open a high res version of the drawing. Once the image loads, right-click on it and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. Then open it in your favorite image viewing program, and send it to your printer. When printing, turn on “Scale to Fit” so that the worksheet fits to the size of your letter-sized printer paper.

free hamburger paragraph worksheet
Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet – Color Version
hamburger paragraph worksheet
Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet – Black & White Version

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