Long Vowel Worksheets

Take a look at these free long vowel worksheets for Language Arts students, teachers, and homeschooling parents. These original resources will help students learn about long vowels. There are two long vowel worksheets available on this page. In first worksheet, students have to underline long vowel words from a group of words. Next, the will need to complete a set of words, hinted at by pictures. These words contain long vowels.

In the second worksheet, kids are provided with another word bank containing long vowel words, followed section with long vowel matching.

Download is really easy. Simply click on a text link beneath the worksheet, or click on the worksheet itself. The long vowel worksheet PDF will load in your browser.

Printable Long Vowel Worksheets – PDF

Free Long Vowel Worksheets

Download: Long-Vowel-Worksheet.PDF

Long Vowel Worksheet Download: Long-Vowel-Worksheet-2.PDF

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