Simile Worksheets

A simile is a comparison between two different things, using the term like or as, and these free printable simile worksheets are like small gifts for teachers. Download one or both of these original simile printables. Both worksheets follow the same structure. In the first part of the simile worksheet, students have to complete the similes by coming up with their own words. In the second part, students have to pick a word from a word box to complete the similes.

Each worksheet has been saved both a jpeg and as a PDF file. To download the jpeg version, click the worksheet image. To download the PDF version, click the text-link. The PDF version comes with an answer key on page 2.

Printable Simile Worksheets  – PDF

Simile Worksheets

Download: Simile-Worksheet.PDF

Simile WorksheetDownload: Simile-Worksheet-2.PDF

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