Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheets

Download these free synonyms and antonyms worksheets to help your kids get extra practice with this important Language Arts topic. In the first part of each worksheet, students will have to connect a word with its corresponding synonym and antonym. In the second section of the worksheet, students will have to answer whether a particular set of words are synonyms or antonyms. Each worksheet comes with an answer key on the second page.

To download either worksheet, please click on the worksheet image or the download link beneath the image. The worksheet image links to the jpeg version of the worksheet. The text link links to the PDF version. Teachers, feel free to print multiple copies for all the kids in your class.

Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheets – PDF

Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheets

Download: Synonyms-and-Antonyms-Worksheet.PDF

Synoynms and Antonyms Worksheet

Download: Synonyms-and-Antonyms-Worksheet-2.PDF

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