Free Writing Journal Templates

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own writing journal. Various free journal templates have been provided. Once you’ve picked out the templates you like, follow the instructions below to learn how to bind your own journal.

Step 1. Pick a Journal Cover

Click on one of journal covers below to download.

book-cover-templates  leather journal cover  writing journal cover writing journal template

Step 2. Print Your Journal Pages

Print some of the writing journal templates below. Before you print them all, print one template as a test page. Trim the edges and make sure it fits inside your book cover. If for some reason it it too large, scale it down until it fits. Use this scale setting for the remainder of your journal pages.

Print the remainder of your pages. Group them in piles of five sheets per pile and fold them. Staple each of these stacks at the top, middle, and bottom, along the spine.   Stack your five sheet sets on top of one another and make sure they fit in your journal. Trim the margins off your journal inserts.

Writing Journal Templates

journal paper templateprintable journal pagesjournal paperrefillable journal

Step 3. Bind Your Journal

Now run a thin line of glue (I recommend Gorilla Glue) along the edge of each of the five sheet sets. Glue one on top of another. Be sure not to use too much glue, or all your pages will end up sticking together.

Run another line of glue down the center of the interior of the cover page. Set the journal page inserts into the cover. Close the book. Using clamps, clamp the journal to a table for about an hour. Once the glue is dried, trim away any excess glue that has run out of the side. If any pages are stuck together, carefully separate them. Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of a handmade journal!

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