Blank Australia Map Printable

The land down under, home of bizarre marsupials. Where else but Australia can you see the miraculous jumping kangaroos or that ridiculous mammal, the platypus? Well, yes, I suppose you could go to the zoo, but that doesn’t count. Anyway, today’s free printable is a blank Australia map. If you need a map of Australia for a social studies project or classroom assignment, this is the place to get it.

In order to make a super accurate Australia map, I traced an image taken by a NASA satellite. (On a side note, images taken by NASA are generally in the public domain. That’s why I was allowed to do this.)

Blank Australia Map Printable

And here she is, the only continent that’s also a country. You may think that Australia would also be the world’s largest island, but that actually isn’t the case. That prize goes to Greenland. Australia gets disqualified, because it’s a continent.

The image below is 600 pixels wide. To download a larger version, click on the 600 pixel image. A 1500 pixel version of the Australia map with open in your browser. You can save it by pressing right-click on your mouse, and then clicking “Save Image As…”

australia map

Australia Map Stencil / Silhouette

And this is what Australia looks like at night time. No, actually this is stencil of Australia. Some visitors might find this useful, and since I don’t know what kind of project you’re working on, I decided to include it.

australia map stencil


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