Printable Blank Map of Europe

Return to the Old World. Download this free printable blank map of Europe for your Social Studies project. Save a bit of time, and avoid the hassle of having to draw the complex country contours by hand. There are two versions of the map available. The first is a Europe map without the countries. If all you need is the outline of the European continent, this is printable you want. If you need a map of the European countries, print the second map below. This unlabeled map can help you prepare for a geography quiz. Print out several copies and write in the names of each of the countries. Once you’ve got the map memorized, you’ll be ready to ace that quiz or test.

Blank Map of Europe – PDF Format

Click the image below to open the PDF in your browser. From there, you can save the PDF to your desktop or send it to your printer.

blank map of europe

Map of European Countries – PDF Format

map of european countries



The Europe maps found on this page are adaptations of public domain maps found on Wikimedia Commons.

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