Blank Map of South America Template

South America, a continent rich in natural resources, wildlife, and culture. From the Andes to the Amazon, South America is a visual feast for photographers, tourists and travelers. Its famous indigenous species include the jaguar, the anaconda, the piranha. And let’s not forget that most fiercesome of creatures: the llama.

If you’re a teacher teaching about South America, or a student creating a project about this continent, then you may need a blank map of South America template printable. On this page you can find 3 different South America maps. The first map is a simple blank outline of the continent. The second template is an unlabeled map of the South American countries. The third and final printable is a silhouette / stencil of South America.

Each printable has been saved as a high resolution jpeg, 1500 x 1159 pixels. To download the large version of a map, click one of the maps below. Once the larger map loads, you can right-click and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

Blank Map of South America Template

blank map of south america template


Map of South American Countries

map of south american countries


South America Map Stencil / Silhouette 

south america map stencil

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