Blank Map of Asia

Asia, the world’s largest continent, takes up 30% of all the land in the world. Sixty percent of the world’s human population call Asia home. Asia also houses countless animal species. Some of the world’s most iconic creatures can be found here, including the Bengal tiger, the Asian elephant, and the giant panda.

If you’re researching Asia for a school project or homework assignment, then you may find this blank map of Asia to be useful. You can use it it label the countries in Asia, or to trace an outline of Asia onto a poster board. There are three free Asia map templates to choose from. The first is a line outline of Asia. The second template is an unlabeled map of the Asian countries. The third printable is a black silhouette / stencil of Asia.

To view a larger version of each printable, click one of the Asia map images below. A 1500 pixel x 1162 pixel version of the map will open in your browser. Right-click on it and press “Save image As…” to save it to your computer.

Blank Map of Asia

map of asia


Unlabeled Map of Asian Countries

printable map of asia


Asia Map Stencil / Silhouette

asia stencil




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