Blank Treasure Map Templates for Children

Imagination is a great gift that children possess. Let them use it with these blank treasure map templates for children. Join them on their imaginary adventures. across mountains and through jungles. Use one of the ready-made detailed maps below, or help your child draw their own map using a blank template. Escape with your child to a land of pirates, galleons, and buried treasure. In the world of imagination, there are no rules.

Blank Treasure Map Templates for Children

Arg! This map has nothing on it! That must be remedied! Grab yer pencils and markers and old India ink. Turn this ancient parchment map into a masterpiece. In the words of Long John Silver, “Yer as smart as paint!”

blank treasure map for children

Another empty map. But no worries, soon here be monsters. C’mon young buccaneers, use yer wits and create a new world the likes of which has never been seen. Be clever now! Draw mermaids, ghost ships, cannons and submersibles. The mysteries of the land and sea are to be uncovered by yer brilliant mind!

blank treasure map templates for children




Detailed Treasure Map Template

Travel south to Deadman’s Boulder, then up to the jagged coast to spot the man-eating sharks. Sneak past the natives in their teepees. Make your way around Bloated Fish Lake. Cut through the rainforest with your machetes, but watch out for coral snakes. March along the river until you reach your destination. As always, X marks the spot!



treasure map coloring page

Throwing a Pirate Birthday Party?

The above printable pirate treasure maps are also great for a pirate birthday party. You can use the printable treasure map template to create a scavenger hunt in the house or the backyard. Here’s a few treasure hunt ideas for your scavenger hunt game:

1. Draw a map of the backyard on the treasure map template. At certain landmarks, write a clue of the item the kids should search for. For instance, if there is a tree in the backyard, draw a tree. If you’ve hidden a shoe in the tree, write a riddle such as, “I have lace but I’m not a Valentine. You can walk all over me but it won’t bring me down. What am I?”

2. Print out several copies of the treasure map template. On each map, draw a picture of an item the kids need to search for. At first give each child one map. Once they’ve found the scavenger hunt item and have returned it, hand them another treasure map. The child with the most scavenger hunt items at the end wins a prize.

3. If you don’t mind your backyard being dug up, here’s a neat idea for a kids scavenger hunt. Draw a map of the backyard on the treasure map template. Bury 10 scavenger hunt items, and mark the buried locations on the map.

Pirate Birthday Invitation

These pirate treasure map printables will also make for great pirate birthday invitations. Instead of drawing a map, write the time, date and place of the pirate birthday party.

Extra! Make Pirate Hats for the Pirate Party

You’ve got the pirate maps. You’ve got the pirate party invitations. But no pirate theme party would be complete without pirate hats. Don’t worry, we’ve got those too. Check them out here, or click on the image below.

Pirate Hat



10 thoughts on “Blank Treasure Map Templates for Children”

  1. Lols I can imagine and entire party of kids digging up the garden – awesome chaos!

    Beautiful work on the templates Tim.

  2. Sophie and Amy

    Thank you Tim for your treasure island templates, this has helped us with the creation of our early years leaflet 🙂

  3. Went hunting for a treasure map template to use for a “Find the Lucky Pot o’ Gold” activity and came across your site. Thank you so much for your ideas and for sharing!

  4. Katherine Hayward

    I’m very glad I found these blnk templates, just what I need for my novel . Thanks for posting them

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  6. Great selection of maps, I’m glad I found these…they are going to be great for the work party / scavenger hunt we are doing next week.

    Best Regards,

    Shaye Murphy

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