Printable Blank Map of Africa

Here is a printable blank map of Africa for students learning about Africa in school. You may use it for any educational and personal project. Feel free to download it for your social studies project, homework assignment or other school activity.

Two different versions of the Africa map have been provided. The first is a blank map of the continent, without the countries. The second is a blank unlabeled map of the African countries. To download a PDF of either map, click the map image below. The PDF will open in your browser. From there, you can save it to your computer, or send it to your printer.

Good luck with your project! I hope these printables have saved you a bit of time. – Tim

Blank Map of Africa – PDF

blank map of africa

Blank Map of African Countries – PDF

blank map of african countries

There are many educational activities and crafts that you can create using this map. Here are a few ideas.

Preschool: Print the map as a basic coloring page. Let the kids color Africa, and teach them how to spell the continent’s name.

Kindergarten: Let the kids draw animals on the map. Then let them know whether those animals actually live in Africa.

First Grade: Cut up the map of Africa along the country borders. Create an Africa Map puzzle, and let the kids piece it back together.

Second Grade: Teach your students about Ancient Egypt. Show them where the Ancient Egyptians lived, and where the Nile is in Africa.

Third Grade: Print the map of African countries. For a homework assignment, have the kids label each of the countries, and draw important geography.

Fourth Grade: Teach the kids about modern world issues taking place in Africa. Have them find and label countries that appear regularly in the news.

Fifth Grade: Print a large version of the map onto several sheets of paper. Use it as a stencil to draw Africa on a poster board for a social studies project.


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