Counting Coins Worksheets – Printable First Grade Math Worksheets

Print these free counting coins worksheets for kids to help your children or students learn how to count money. As an adult, you hardly ever stop to realize that at some point in your life, you had to learn all the simple tasks you now do automatically. Counting coins is one of those tasks. While for grownups, counting out change is a simple thing to do, for kids who are still learning the value of individual coins, it can actually be a challenge. If your young one is struggling with this topic, download these free counting coin worksheets.

Each worksheet contains six problems, where students have to count and add up pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. There are a total of six unique worksheets available, so if your child is able to ace them all, you can be pretty sure they know what they’re doing. Feel free to browse the site for more math printables!

Counting Coins Worksheets

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