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Pattern blocks are a set of geometric shapes, usually made from wood or plastic. Kids can combine the shapes to form pictures or patterns. They’ve been around since the 1960s, and contain 6 distinctly colored shapes: A yellow hexagon, a blue rhombus, a green equilateral triangle, an orange square, a red trapezoid, and a small beige rhombus.

On this page you will find a set of pattern block templates that you can print and cut out. The templates have been combined into a single PDF, available in color or black and white. Each 8.5×11 inch sheet is filled with a particular shape. With these paper pattern blocks, you can continue building a pattern or design, without having to go out and buy more wood or plastic pattern block shapes.

Each edge of a pattern block measures 1 inch in length. When printing your PDF, make sure that you print the PDF at 100% size, so that the dimensions of the shapes remain accurate. These shapes have been saved in vector format, so they can also be edited in a program like Adobe Illustrator, the program that was used to create them.

If you want to make high quality pattern blocks, I recommend cutting them out using an X-acto knife and a ruler. Furthermore, you may want to print them onto cardboard or cardstock, and then laminate them.

I’ve also included 6 simple pattern block designs that kids can build on: A ship, a ufo, a car, a house, a shark, and a turtle.

Paper Pattern Block Templates PDF – Color

Please click an pattern block template PDF cover image to go to the download page in the printable library.

paper pattern block templates

Paper Pattern Block Template PDF – Black & White

Please click an pattern block template PDF cover image to go to the download page in the printable library.

printable pattern blocks

Pattern Block Designs

The following pattern block designs are included in the packet:

pattern block templates

printable pattern block templates

pattern block templates pdf

free pattern block templates

pattern block shapes

shapes for preschool


Packet Overview

Here you can see all the pattern block printables contained in this PDF packet.

yellow hexagon shapes blue rhombus shapes equilateral triangle templates rhombus shapes paper block printables pattern shapes pattern blocks for kids


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