Printable Hundreds Charts for Kids – Numbers 1 to 100 | Math Worksheets

A hundreds chart is an excellent tool for teaching kids the basics of numbers. By studying the chart, a child will start to see patterns in the numbers, be able to learn about odd, even, composite and prime numbers, and discover the building blocks required to comprehend addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are four unique number charts available below.  The first is a basic black and white hundreds chart, great if you have a black and white printer. The second 100 chart printable is colored dark blue for boys. The third hundreds chart printable is pink for girls. Finally, there is a blank hundreds chart for children to practice on.

Printable Hundreds Chart
Black and White Hundreds Chart to help kids learn numbers, counting, place value, addition, and subtraction.

Printable Hundreds Chart for Boys

Printable Hundreds Chart
A dark blue colored hundreds chart for boys.

Printable Hundreds Chart for Girls

100 chart printable
A bright pink hundreds chart for girls.

Blank Hundreds Chart Printable

Blank Hundreds Chart
A blank hundreds chart for kids to practice with.


Related Math Activities

Here are a few activities your can do with your child.

1. Print out the blank hundreds chart. Ask your child to fill in only the odd or even numbers.

2. Print out the blank hundreds chart. Ask you child to fill in only the prime numbers.

3. Ask you child if they notice any patterns in the chart.

4. Print the blank numbers chart and fill in some of the numbers. Then ask your child to fill in the rest.


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