Printable Place Value Blocks | Free Math PDFs for Students / Teachers

Turn learning about place value into a fun and engaging activity with this set of free printable place value blocks. Print a set for each student in your classroom, and let them cut out the various pieces. Then call out various numbers, and ask the kids to create that number using the blocks. And if you ever run out of blocks, don’t worry. You can always print more!

Printable Place Value Blocks PDF

This place value blocks PDF contains four 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. The first sheet contains several red “ones” blocks. The next sheet contains the “tens” blocks. The third pdf sheet has a collection of “hundreds” blocks, and the final sheet contains “thousands” blocks.

Place Value Blocks

Place Value Blocks PDF – Black and White

Here is the same set in black and white. If you need to a bunch of place value blocks for your classroom, you may prefer this set.

Place Value Blocks PDF

Place Value Worksheets

Finally, here is a link to a set of free place value worksheets I made, using the very place value blocks you can print here. Click the image below to visit the place value worksheets post.

Free Place Value Worksheets

 These place value blocks are free for kids, parents and teachers for personal and educational use. Commercial use is prohibited.

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