Simple Addition Worksheets for Kids

When a young student is learning the fundamental math principles of arithmetic, nothing is more beneficial than repetition. Practice makes perfect, but a student can’t practice without practice problems. That’s why I’ve created a set of simple addition worksheets for kids. Download them out today, and help you child succeed.

Simple Addition Worksheets for Kids

You may print any or all of the worksheets below. Each practice sheet is made of twenty simple addition problems. The terms in each problem are composed of numbers between 1 and 9, suitable for early elementary school kids. The worksheets have been saved as letter-sized pdf pages. You will need Adobe Reader to open these pdf files.

Click on the worksheet images below to open the pdfs in your browser.

Simple Addition Worksheets for Kids

An answer key has been included as the second page of the pdf. It contains all the problem sums. This will hopefully save you some time and make it easier to check your child’s work.

Simple Addition Worksheet

Finally, if you have any questions regarding these worksheets, please contact me. Comments are also welcome, especially if this post was useful to you. Thanks for stopping by!

Free Addition Worksheet

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