Microscope Diagram Labeled, Unlabeled and Blank | Parts of a Microscope

Are you learning all the parts of a microscope in science class? The ocular lens, the objective lens, the iris diaphragm — all these pieces work together to magnify the minute details of the world unseen by the naked eye. And with the help of the handy microscope diagram and microscope worksheet found on this page, you’ll be an expert on light microscope parts in no time.

Together, these two science worksheets make a great study guide for students preparing for an upcoming parts of a compound microscope quiz or freshman biology test. They may also be printed as teacher resources. I’ve also included definitions to explain how all the pieces of a microscope function.

Microscope Diagram Labeled

First and foremost, we have a labeled microscope diagram, available in both black and white and color. Useful as a study guide for learning the anatomy of a microscope. There are six printables available. You can download them individually by clicking the images below, or download them together in a single pdf bundle here.

Labeled Microscope Diagram Microscope Diagram Labeled

Microscope Diagram Unlabeled

After you’ve studied all the pieces of the compound microscope, it’s time to put your brain to the test. Print out the unlabeled microscope diagram, and see if you can fill in all the blanks.

Microscope Diagram UnlabeledParts of a Compound Microscope

Blank Microscope Diagram

Next we have a blank microscope diagram. This may be useful for science teachers creating a bulletin board, or for a school project poster.

Anatomy of a Microscope Compound Microscope Drawing

Microscope Worksheet / Parts of a Microscope Quiz

Finally, here we have a microscope worksheet. In addition to labeling the microscope parts, students are asked to describe the function of each piece of the optical microscope. This worksheet can also be printed by teachers to hand out as a parts of a microscope quiz for students.

Microscope Quiz


Parts of a Microscope

1. Eyepiece/Ocular Lens – The lens into which the user looks to see the specimen.
2. Diopter Adjustment – Used to alter focus between eyepieces to
3. Arm – A supporting piece of the optical microscope mounted upon the base.
4. Nose  Piece – A rotating turret for switching between objective lenses.
5. Objective Lenses – Lenses with various magnification strengths.
6. Slide Holder – Clips to keep the slide in place.
7. Stage – The platform holding the specimen slide.
8. Coarse Focus – Brings specimen into general focus.
9. Fine Focus – Fine tunes the focus of the specimen.
10. Condenser – Focuses light from the light source onto the specimen.
11. Iris Diaphragm – An opaque iris composed of blades made to pass light through an aperture.
12. Base – The supporting block of the light microscope.
13. Light Source –  A light or a daylight directed via a mirror.
14. On/Off Switch – You probably understand what this does:)

Best of luck on your science quiz or test! – Tim






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