Paper Snowflake Templates for Christmas Holiday Crafts

On this page you’ll find a set of free printable paper snowflake templates that kids and students can use for their winter art projects, crafts, and school assignments. There are 8 unique snowflake templates, as well as a blank template which can be used to create your own snowflake.

The first set of paper snowflake templates contains four classic snowflake designs, that look like snowflakes you’d see in nature. The second set of snowflakes contains imaginary designs that you probably won’t see in nature any time soon, but they look really cool.

Download Instructions: These snowflake templates have been saved as 8.5″x11″ letter-sized PDFs for easy printing. Click on a snowflake image to go to its download page. Then press the “download printable” link. The corresponding PDF will load in your browser. From there you can save it or send it to your printer.

The lines on the PDF template are light blue, so that when you turn the paper over, the lines won’t show through. The lines have been rendered black in the thumbnail versions shown below for improved visibility.

Paper Snowflake Templates – Set 1: Classic Snowflakes

If you look under a microscope, you may find snowflakes that look like this, with angular geometric shapes.

paper snowflake templates snowflake template paper snowflake templates

snowflake templates

Paper Snowflake Templates – Set 2: Imaginative Snowflakes

But if you look under a microscope, you probably won’t find snowflakes like this. The first snowflake has strong curves and a fluer de lis design. The second one is based on architecture and pixel art. The third design is all circles, and the last design is reminiscent of reindeer antlers.
snowflake template snowflake templates snow flake template paper snowflake

Blank Snowflake Template

Design your own snowflake from scratch!

blank snowflake template

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2 thoughts on “Paper Snowflake Templates for Christmas Holiday Crafts”

  1. Helen Malphus

    I was looking for some simple but unique snowflakes that I could make for 2 great granddaughters(4yrs old) , since they both want to be an “Ice Princess”.These are beautiful and we thank you so much for sharing them! Happy Holidays!

  2. I love your snowflakes they are beautiful.
    I haven’t got to the other things you have on your site, but I bet they are beautiful as well

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