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penguin drawing

Penguins are funny awkward creatures. They have wings but they don’t fly. On land they waddle to and fro with difficulty, and they’re only in the element once they’ve hit the water. They’re also the topic of today’s printables. So if you need some high quality free penguin pictures to decorate a classroom or christmas tree, read on.

Click on the penguin pictures you wish to download. A high resolution version will load in your browser. Right-click on it and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

Each of these penguin drawings is free for personal and educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Penguin Template / Outline

We begin today’s free set of printables with 2 penguin templates. These may be useful if you would like to create a penguin out of construction paper or felt.

penguin template

penguin outline

Penguin Coloring Pages

The next free penguin printables are a couple of high resolution penguin coloring pages. The first illustration depicts a cartoon penguin leaning on a candy cane on the north pole. But don’t penguins live on the south pole? Yes, as a matter of fact they do. This one is a tourist.
penguin coloring pages

penguin coloring page

penguin coloring page penguin drawing

Penguin Pictures

Here’s the same illustration, but this time in color. Feel free to print any of these penguin pictures for classroom decorations or as part of a project for school.

penguin pictures

Penguin Crafts & Decorations

Moving on, if you want make some penguin crafts or penguin decorations, download one of the templates below. Fold each pair of penguins so they are back-to-back. You can use these as part of a homemade board game, a christmas ornament, or as christmas present gift tags.

penguin crafts

penguin craft

Penguin Maze

And here’s a free maze for kids with a penguin theme.

penguin illustration


penguin clipart penguin clip artpenguin drawing penguin picture

penguin printableFor writing class, print this penguin printable, and tell your students to write their own creative story.

Original Penguin Sketch
Original Penguin Sketch

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