Pirate Hat Template for Kids

Pirate Hat Template-thumbSo ya wanna be a pirate, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! On this little quality internet island that lies among a sea of flotsam and jetsam, you’ll find one of the greatest printable pirate freebies there is: A professionally illustrated pirate hat template for kids. No pirate birthday party would be complete without this skull-covering beauty.

There are four paper pirate hats to choose from. The classic Captain Hook Hat, perfect for the captain of the party, the birthday boy himself! Then there’s Captain Kidd’s Cap, the blue hat for mateys of the captain who have been invited to the pirate birthday party. The third of these extraordinary pirate party supplies is the green hat of Davey Jones, an excellent addition to the pirate theme party. The fourth and final free pirate hat craft we have for you is the red pirate hat template of Long John Silver, the fiercest buccaneer the fictional world has ever seen! Take yer pick, or print them all. Click whichever ones yeh like to open a really large version of the picture to download, arg! Enjoy these pirate party hats, me hearties!

The Captain Hook Pirate Hat Template for Kids

Pirate Hat Template for Kids
Arg! Darr! Look the fearsome skull of this gorgeous hat. Of all the simple crafts for kids, have yeh ever seen one as brilliant as this? Golden lace! Textured paper and an ultra-crisp resolution! Stock illustration sites charge out the nose for drawings like this. But you, buccaneer’s friend, get it all for free! Aye, the internet’s a marvelous thing.

The Captain Kidd Cap Template

Pirate Hat Template for kids
Another fine addition to your pirate party decorations. This buccaneer’s hat will transform any child into a fearsome piratey villain. Add in the downloadable pirate eye patch further down the page, and you may not even recognize your own kid!


The Davy Jones Pirate Hat Template

Pirate Hat Template
The Davy Jones pirate hat for kids is not to be trifled with. This green and gold headwear will help make a pirate themed party look like a scene from Treasure Island. An excellent addition to any pirate costume for kids.

The Long John Silver Pirate Hat Template

Pirate Hat Template
Last, but certainly not least, we have Long John Silver’s pirate hat template for kids! This isn’t just another decoration for a pirate themed party, this is a historical artifact. Robert Louis Stevenson himself found this very hat floating on the coast of Scotland. It was this fine buccaneer accessory that inspired the greatest children’s adventure classic of all time: Treasure Island.

How to Make a Pirate Hat

These free kids crafts are rather easy to make. Here’s the supplies you’ll require:

A printer


A stapler


Step 1. Download the pirate template of your choice. Here at Dutch Renaissance Press, we chose the legendary Long John Silver Hat.

Step 2. Open the hat image in an image viewing program. We’re on Macs over here, so we’re using Preview.


Step 3. Make sure your computer is connected to a printer. Go to File-> Print. Print 2 copies of the hat onto 8.5 x 11 Letter paper.


Step 4. Cut out the templates.

Step 5. On a larger sheet of paper, cut out two long ribbons of paper, about 2 inches tall. Staple them together to make one even longer ribbon. This will be the pirate hat’s frame.

How to make a pirate hat

Step 6. Staple the ribbons into a turban that is the circumference of your child’s head.

How to make a pirate hat

Step 7. Staple the cut out pirate hat templates to the frame. Congratulations, the pirate hat is finished!

How to make a pirate hat

These Pirate Hat Templates were created by Tim van de Vall and are intended for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. All content copyright (c) 2013 Dutch Renaissance Press. Dutch Renaissance Press shall be in no way liable for anything you do with these printable pirate hat templates. Download, print, cut, staple and party at your own risk.

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