Free Pirate Treasure Maps and Party Favors for a Pirate Birthday Party

pirate party favors

Are you searching the web for free printable pirate treasure maps and pirate party favors,  in order to throw the best pirate theme birthday party the world has ever seen, one that will be remembered by kids, friends, and buccaneers for years to come? Well, your search is over, mate, because on this page you’ll find seven extraordinary pirate party ideas, sure to entertain every land lubber that comes wandering across your deck!

Forget that trip to Party City for your pirate party supplies! All these fun DIY (do-it-yourself) pirate activities can be made at home for free! That’s right, messmates, save your booty for a rainy day!

All the illustrations, pirate pictures and art you’ll need for each of these crafts is provided right on this page. All you need is a printer and some paper, a bit of tape and perhaps a few staples. So, what are we waiting for? Print and party!

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

pirate birthday party

Idea 1. Make Your Own Pirate Treasure Map Party Favors

For starters, no pirate birthday bash would be complete without the clever use of a colorful and cartoony pirate treasure map. Well, shiver me timbers, that’s exactly what we’ve got right here, in high resolution too! Illustrated by artist Tim van de Vall, this treasure map is surely the the most brilliant vintage chart on the seven seas. Click on the image below to save it to your computer!

printable pirate treasure map jpeg
But what to use it for? Laminate it, of course! Lay them out on the table. Let the kids eat their pirate cake on them. Then wipe em clean and as the children leave to go home, give each child one as a takeaway for the great time had by all.

printable pirate puzzle

Idea 2. Play a Printable Pirate Puzzle Game

Now that you have a dozen or so pirate tykes running amok in your living room, how to keep them all entertained so they don’t start a mutiny? Let them compete in a contest! Print out several copies of this pirate puzzle game. Have them race to see who can complete the puzzle first. The winner receives a prize, and the rest of the crew has to walk the plank!

pirate treasure map

pirate treasure maps

pirate birthday invitationsIdea 3. Make Your Own Pirate Birthday Invitations

Another fun idea is to use a pirate treasure map for the birthday invitations. Print out the pirate birthday invitation below, add the party information on the back, slap on a postage stamp, and you’re good to go. Since your invitation isn’t store-bought, and yet still looks professional, it will truly be one-of-a kind!

pirate birthday invitation

Idea 4. Give Away a Treasure Map Coloring Page

treasure map coloring pageReturning to the land of party favors, maybe you’re interested in an alternative to the place mat idea above. Perhaps you’d like a fun and easy gift for kids that doesn’t require lamination or the use of a bunch of color ink. What about a treasure map coloring page instead? With just a wee bit of Photoshop magic, this very versatile pirate treasure map has transformed into just that. A worthy addition to any pirate goodie bag.

pirate treasure map coloring pages

pirate scavenger hunt for kidsIdea 5. Create a Pirate Scavenger Hunt for Kids

For a birthday kid, the best part of a birthday party is receiving presents. But instead of throwing all the gifts onto a pile, why not have the children hide them? Turn gift giving into a pirate scavenger hunt. First choose a location to hold the scavenger hunt, such as the living room or backyard. Draw an outline of the location inside the island illustration on the map below. Have each child hide his or her present, and mark the locations of the presents on the map. When all the presents are hidden, let the treasure hunt begin!

pirate scavenger hunt

pirate party hats

Idea 6. Make Your Own Pirate Board Game

Print one of these blank board game templates. Then gather some game pieces (Lego figures work great), come up with the rules, and play!

board game template

board game template


Idea 7. Make Your Own Pirate Party Hats

It’s as clear as day: Pirate kids need pirate hats. Fortunately, those have already been designed in a previous post, and are ready to be downloaded. Click the image below to visit Pirate Hat Templates for Kids.

pirate party hats for kids

pirate movieIdea 8. Watch a Pirate Movie

As the party settles down toward the end, and parents start to pick up their kids, it may be good to keep the kids entertained with a pirate themed movie. Here are three great options to choose from.

Muppet Treasure Island: Starring Kermit the Frog, Mrs. Piggy and the rest of the Muppet gang, this funny and child-friendly adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is sure to delight parents and kids alike.

Treasure Planet: It’s basically Treasure Island set in space. The cyborg version of Long John Silver is really cool.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits: Brought to you by the makers of Wallace and Gromit, this clay-mation pirate adventure is filled with laughs.






7 thoughts on “Free Pirate Treasure Maps and Party Favors for a Pirate Birthday Party”

  1. Thank you so much. We are having a pirate theme in school next month and you have given me lots of ideas for my PreK activities. Thank you Thank you. Thank you.

  2. I was looking for a treasure map for my 2year old who is now obsessed with treasures and I found your site. I absolutely love your map and so does my son. You should see him pointing stuff out at me saying “Look mommy look!” Thank you so much for an amazing drawing!

  3. Tim, I just stumbled upon your website – and you are a treasure! I have 2 little grandsons who are going to love this.

  4. What great work! Thank you for sharing.

    I was wondering if we can use this pirate map for Summer Reading Incentive for a small, non-profit library (we would be happy to include website).

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