Pirate Writing Paper | Pirate Paper Templates for Kids

Ahoy, mateys! If you want to write a letter to grandma or grandpa on a sheet of pirate writing paper, we’ve got just the right pirate paper templates you need right here! Best of all, they’re completely free to download. After all, a good pirate wants to keep his treasure so he can bury it on an island (Which, by the way, is an excellent investment strategy), not spend it!

Choose from two pirate-themed printables, available in black and white and color, with lines or without lines. Click on a thumbnail image to go to the corresponding download page in the printables library.

Pirate Writing Paper with Lines

The lined sheets are nice for writing letters and stories. The first printable features a pirate girl with a parrot, and the second one features a pirate boy.

pirate writing paper for kidspirate paper pirate writing paper pirate writing paper

Blank Pirate Paper Templates

The blank pirate paper templates are perfect for doodling piratey pictures, drawing a treasure map, or making pirate invitations for an upcoming birthday party.

pirate paper template pirate paper templates

Pirate Paper Template 02 pirate paper template








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