Printable Weekly Schedule Template – Free Blank PDF

Across the country, school bells ring. Yellow buses crawl like giant caterpillars down dew-laden lawns. Children are shuttled to and fro, and as the warm chaos of summer recedes into our memories, life returns to normal.

A new school year means new classes, and a new weekly course load. And until you’ve memorized your new school day routine, it’s best to keep a paper copy of your schedule on hand.

Printable Weekly Schedule Templates

Below you will find four free weekly schedule templates that you can use to recall the times and locations of your classes. Each of these templates comes as a letter-sized (8.5×11) PDF. The first two templates have a portrait layout. The second two templates have a landscape layout. Within each layout format, there is a blank weekly schedule template and a lined weekly schedule template.

To download a template, click on the image of the printable. The PDF will open in your browser.

Printable Weekly Schedule Templates – Portrait

Below are the portrait versions of this printable.

Blank Weekly Schedule PDF

weekly schedule template

Lined Weekly Schedule PDF

free weekly schedule template

Printable Weekly Schedule Templates – Landscape

Below are the landscape versions of this printable.

Blank Weekly Schedule PDF

blank weekly schedule template

Lined Weekly Schedule PDF

printable weekly schedule template

How to Get the Most from Your Weekly Schedule Template

  1. In addition to writing in your class names, be sure to include the class start and end times, room number, and the name of your teacher.
  2. You can also use one of these printables as an agenda. Print the lined version to write down class homework assignments.

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