A4 Graph Paper Template PDF, (8.27×11.69 in, 210×297 mm)

This one’s for those of you on the Metric System (basically everyone except the USA): A4 graph paper templates. Six free printable templates with a variety of grid sizes. Now if there’s a sudden war time shortage of graph paper in Europe, you’ll be covered. Yes, if the Nazis break through the Maginot line and steal all the reams of A4 graph paper in France, the French will be okay. Because they can just turn on their printers, visit Tim’s Printables, print the necessary templates, and then return to their wine and cheese.

Select from six different templates, my friends. The first A4 template is a quarter inch quad ruled grid. The second sheet contains 1cm squares. Template 3, 0.5 inch squares. Printable template #4 has a one inch grid. The fifth graph paper template contains a 2 centimeter grid. Finally, the sixth graph paper sheet features 5mm squares.

That’s all, folks. Nothing else to see here. Carry on about your business.

A4 Graph Paper Template PDF (8.27×11.69 in, 210×297 mm)

A4 Graph Paper, 0.25 inch quad ruled pdf
A4 graph paper – 0.25 inch quad ruled PDF
A4 graph paper – 1cm PDF


a4 graph paper template, 0.5 inch pdf
A4 graph paper – 0.5 inch PDF
a4 graph paper template, 1 inch
A4 graph paper, 1 inch PDF


a4 graph paper template, 2cm
A4 graph paper, 2cm PDF
a4 graph paper, 5mm PDF
A4 graph paper, 5mm PDF

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