Free isometric graph paper to print

Isometric Graph Paper

Here is a collection of free isometric graph paper to print. Isometric graph paper, or an isometric grid, is created by intersecting 30-degree and 120-degree parallel lines. Since isometric paper does not take perspective into account, you can get a clear and clean pseudo-3D look of the object you’re drawing. The game Sim City, for instance, uses an isometric grid, as do many other strategy games. Isometric grids are often used in technical drawing, drafting, industrial design, and architecture. (If you want to learn more about isometric projection, click here for the Wikipedia article.)

The printable isometric paper sheets you find below are 150 dpi transparent background pngs. The 60 degree diamond units making up the grid have 0.25 inch sides when printed at original size. Most of these will fit unscaled onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

In order to download the sheet you want, simply click on the image to see the png in its original size. Then right-click and press “Save-As” to download to your computer.

I hope this freebie is helpful to you and will save you some time. Please feel free to check out my other freebies. -Tim


Isometric Grid Sheets

Isometric Grid

8.5 x 11 Grid



Isometric Grid

8″ Diameter Circular Grid


Isometric Grid

8″ x 4″ Rectangular Grid

Isometric Grid

4″ x 11.5″ Rectangular Grid




Isometric Grid

8″ x 8″ Grid with Rounded Corners


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