Printable Puzzle Piece Border for the Classroom!

Hi Parents and Teachers!

I recently received a comment from a friendly visitor to my site, from middle school teacher Lorraine Jordin, with the following request:

“I want to use puzzle pieces for my science vocabulary and make a border all around my room with them. I want the students to fill out words they remember from last year the first day of school. Do you have a template that will will continue to stream around the room but big enough to see? LJ”

Great idea, Lorraine! This post is for you. I hope these new printables will help you accomplish your classroom project!

Printable Puzzle Piece Repeating Patterns

In order to create a rectangular puzzle piece border, wherein the color pattern matches up from beginning to end, the total number of pieces needs to be divisible by 3 and total an even number. So a border of 12, 18, 24 and 30 pieces work correctly.

Printable Puzzle Piece Border Printable Puzzle Piece CornersPrintable Puzzle Piece Border Pattern Printable Puzzle Piece Corners


1. Decide what sort of border you want to create. If you want one long border to travel all the way around your classroom, you won’t need the puzzle corners. Do you want the color puzzle pieces, or the black and white ones, so your students can color them? Choose the templates you want, and print as many copies as you need for your project.

2. Cut out the puzzle pieces, and tape them side by side. If you need large pieces, scale the image and print onto 11″ x 17″ paper.


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