Printable Reading Log Templates: Record Your Reading

Back when I was in elementary school, we had a summer reading program. You were asked to record all the minutes you read in a reading log, and after a certain, very large number of minutes (Something like 2000 minutes), you could bring your reading log to Pizza Hut and get a free personal pan pizza. I have no recollection of what I read that summer, but I remember that the tiny pizza was amazing.

free printable reading log templatePerhaps your school has a similar program (with or without the free pizza). If you’re a parent, teacher, or student who wants to keep a record of what you or your kids have read, here you can download a printable reading log template. I’ve created 6 slightly different versions, so that you can pick the one that’s perfect for your goals. (3 different reading logs, available in color and black & white)

Reading Log Templates for Minutes

In the first pair or reading log templates, there are blanks for the book title, author, the number of minutes read, and the parent signature.

reading log template

printable reading log template

Reading Log Templates for Pages

The second set of reading logs contains blanks for the book title, author, the number of pages read, and the parent signature.

reading log for kids

printable reading log


Blank Reading Log Templates

The final set of printable reading logs contains long blanks with no categories, allowing students to record whatever information is requested by their teachers.

blank reading log

printable reading log template

Finally, if you like the little cartoon character book, you can download a coloring page version of that drawing below.

reading coloring page


That’s all, folks! For more printables, please visit my Printables Library, where you’ll find tons of content, not just for language arts or reading, but also math, science, and social studies. You’ll also find coloring pages, mazes, and a collection of useful templates.

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