Printable Space Word Search for Kids | Find all 25 words!


tessa-looking-through-telescopeCan your kids find all 25 words in this printable space word search? 

The universe is an awe-inspiring place, extending beyond the reaches of our largest telescopes. Each year, scientists learn more and more about the inner workings of this vast and enigmatic domain. The mysteries of space excite the imaginations of young and old. When one looks up at the stars, who can help but wonder what is out there, waiting to be discovered?

If your kids/students enjoy learning about space and technology, print this exciting new space activity for them. Along the border or the word search, I’ve doodled several space-themed cartoon items. Teachers, you’re welcome to print as many copies as you need for your classroom. Furthermore, you can share the PDF file of the puzzle with your kids via online/virtual learning. 

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Space Word Search

Color version

Click on the image link or the text link below to go to the corresponding download page. 

space word search

Space Word Search

Black and White Version

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space word search black and white

The 25 words to find are: 

  1. Astronaut
  2. Rocket
  3. Mars
  4. Star
  5. Galaxy
  6. Black Hole
  7. Lightspeed
  8. Aliens
  9. Explore
  10. Planet
  11. Moon
  12. Saturn
  13. Jupiter
  14. Meteor
  15. Sun
  16. Constellation
  17. Universe
  18. Spaceship 
  19. Spacetime
  20. Physics
  21. Astronomy

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