Printable Spaceship Coloring Pages – UFO’s, Rockets and More!

Download and print these new spaceship coloring pages for kids. Choose from three different coloring sheets: the UFO, the alien spaceship, or the rocket! Each one is available as a high-resolution PDF download for subscribing members of Tim’s Printables. Not yet a member? Join today! Already a member? Please log in to download content.

Printable Spaceship Coloring Pages

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to one day step on a spaceship and visit another world. Until that day comes, space exploration remains largely within the realm of the imagination. This is where drawing comes in: Doodling aliens, spaceships, rockets, space colonies, planets and galaxies. With a dash of graphite, a universe is forged onto a flat white canvas. Faster than the speed of light, the imagination jumps across the miraculous realm of imagined spacetime, traveling across interstellar realms one can only visit with the mind’s eye. 

If you’re not quite a seasoned artist, creative expression can still come a long way through coloring. Coloring both a fun and relaxing pastime. While it’s always been popular among kids, in the last few years, coloring pages have also become popular among adults, who enjoy coloring nicely rendered illustrators as a way to unwind in the evenings. 

So if you’re a fan of science fiction and enjoy being creative, I hope you’ll enjoy these original spaceship coloring pages I’ve illustrated. 

UFO Coloring Page

The extraterrestrials have landed, and they’re coming out of your printer. Little green men with ray guns and tin foil jumpsuits. Bring in the Men in Black, call in Bob Lazar, this coloring page is out of this world, folks!

ufo coloring page

Alien Spaceship Coloring Page

Was the B2 Bomber inspired by this alien spaceship, or was this alien spaceship inspired by the B2 bomber? It’s an enigma we may never know the answer to. Print out this aerodynamic foo fighter and start coloring!


Rocket Coloring Page

Did you ever see Thunderbirds, that odd 1960’s retro space show with slightly creepy dummies? Perhaps the dummies were slightly creepy, but those spaceships were really cool, especially Thunderbird 1 and 2. This rocket coloring page was inspired by Thunderbird 1.

The Space Race is Back!

From the historical (Saturn I, the Space Shuttle, Falcon Heavy) to the fictitious (USCSS Covenant, Starship Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon), spaceships have captivated the human spirit for well over a century. All the way back in 1865, Jules Verne wrote about sending a spacecraft up into the sky in his epic sci-fi adventure book, From Earth to the Moon. Almost exactly 100 years later, that science fiction dream would establish itself as science fact. 

The Apollo era arrived, followed quickly by the age of space shuttles. Then, after a rather humiliating stint, where American astronauts had to pay exorbitant prices for rides on Russian rockets, Elon Musk arrived on the scene with his startlingly innovative Space X company to save the day. Now, at long last, Americans are sent back into space on American spacecraft.  

The space race is on again, ladies and gentlemen, and this time, the stakes go well beyond the Moon. Onward to Mars, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the stars! One day, let’s hope it won’t be far-fetched to say, “I’m going on vacation to Proxima Centauri B next week. I’d like to get a bit of that red dwarf sunlight. Good for the tan.”

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