Printable Thanksgiving Image Sudoku Activity

thanksgiving image sudoku activity

This Thanksgiving break, keep your kids engaged with this printable 4×4 Thanksgiving Sudoku Activity. Each page contains a 4×4 grid. 

Image sudoku is just like regular sudoku, except instead of numbers, pictures are used to complete the puzzle.

The challenge is to arrange the turkey, feather, pilgrim hat, and corn on the cob so that each 2×2 square, row and column, contains just one of each. 

The Thanksgiving image sudoku game comes with a printable envelope for containing the boards and pieces, for easy storage and reusability. 

Thanksgiving Image Sudoku

Setup Instructions:

For this activity you will need: a printer, paper, scissors, tape

Step 1. Download the activity pdf. You can choose between the color version or the black and white version.

Download Color Version->

Download Black and White Version->

Step 2. Print out the activity pdf. The dimensions of each page are 7.5” x 10” For best results, print on card stock or construction paper. 

thanksgiving image sudoku activity

Step 3. Cut out the boards, pieces and envelope sides. I decided to print the envelope on yellow construction paper. 

thanksgiving image sudoku
thanksgiving image sudoku
thanksgiving printables for kids

Step 4. Fold over the pieces of the envelope.

thanksgiving envelope

Step 5. Tape the two sides of the envelope together, as shown in the photo. 

Step 6. Now you and your kids are ready to play Thanksgiving Image Sudoku! 

The answer keys are included at the end of the PDF.

Here are some images of the PDF contents:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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