Printable Timeline Template

Download a free printable timeline template for your history poster or project. You may print any of these timelines for your personal and educational (non-commercial) projects or crafs, including school projects for elementary school, middle school and high school, homework assignments, scrapbooks etc. Teachers are also welcome to print as many copies of each printable timeline template as they need for their classrooms.

You can choose from 4 different versions of the timeline. They’ve been saved as large resolution PNGs (3300 pixels by 2550 pixels) for your convenience. To download, right-click on a timeline image and press, “Save Link As…”

Free Printable Timeline Template

printable timeline
Timeline Template #1 – Write in the dates, and add text and pictures in the event boxes. PNG Format.
printable timeline template
Timeline Template #2 – For more creative freedom, download this timeline. You can doodle all around it, fill it with writing, or paste images onto it. PNG Format.

More Timeline Printables

free timeline printable
Timeline Template #3 – A timeline with 9 rounded event boxes. PNG Format.
free printable timeline template
Timeline Template #4 – This is a chronological timeline, where the sequence of events is more important than when they actually took place. This could be useful for elementary school teachers teaching their students about sequence.

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