Volcano Diagram / Label the Volcano Worksheet for Kids – Free Volcano Printables

Teach your kids about volcanos with the help of a printable volcano diagram and a free label the volcano worksheet for kids.

Printable Volcano Diagram

Learn the Parts of a Volcano

The parts of the volcano to learn in this worksheet are: ash, crater, ash cloud, volcanic bombs, lava flow, cone, layers of hardened rock and ash, main vent, side vent, steam, secondary cone, and magma chamber.

volcano diagram

Label the Volcano Worksheet

Print this label the volcano worksheet as a little quiz for your students. Cut and paste the labels in the proper locations. For the answer key, please click here.

label the volcano worksheet

Did You Know?

The plural of volcano can be either volcanos or volcanoes. See Grammar Monster.

Now, some more Volcano Printables!

We’re not through yet. Look out below! There are more volcano printables on this page, starting with two exploding volcano coloring pages. Plumes of smoke. Lava bursting and bubbling and shooting into the air.

volcano activity volcano diagram to label

v is for volcano


And of course, when you think volcano, you often think of dinosaurs. So here are a few fun dino printables for your kiddos to enjoy.

Roarr!! Print the angry t.rex coloring page.

t rex coloring page


Or build you own dinosaur diorama!


dinosaur diorama

volcano worksheets
This is the background of the diorama. I created it by merging a few vintage dinosaur paintings together in Photoshop.

Finally, a sheet of printable cartoon dinosaurs. These are fun for decorating bulletin boards, creating collage, book reports or similar school activities.

printables for kids

volcano cut and paste

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