Free Ruled Paper Templates for Class & College

Looking for some printable ruled paper? On this page you’ll find 5 convenient printable ruled paper templates in PDF format. They’re completely free to print. No need to register, or sign up for anything. So if you’re on a tight college student budget and get to use the university printers for free, why not print your own notebook paper? Each ruled paper sheet contains lines spaced 0.375” apart. If you want wider or narrower lines, simply scale the image in your printer settings.

The first set of ruled paper printables are in portrait format. The next set is in landscape format. I’ve provided standard ruled paper with blue lines, yellow lined paper with blue lines, and also lined paper with black lines. Download the one that suits you best.

Downloading Instrucitons: To print, click on one of the ruled paper templates. The PDF version of the sheet will load in your browser. From there, you can send it to the printer, or save it to a folder on your computer.

Ruled Paper Templates – PDF – Portrait

printabe ruled paper pdf

ruled paper printable

ruled paper template

Printable Ruled Paper Templates – PDF – Landscape

ruled notebook paper


blank printable paper

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