Scarecrow Craft for Kids | Printable Scarecrow Activities

In this scarecrow craft for kids, children can make their own paper scarecrow!  Turn on your printer and download this fun and slightly spooky scarecrow craft for kids. He’s not cute, he’s not cuddly, but he’s not evil either. This scarecrow is the perfect balance of Tim Burton and traditional Disney. Print him on sturdy construction paper for your kids. A bit of paper and a few brass fasteners is enough to get them started. Their imaginations will take care of the rest.

In addition to the scarecrow craft, on this page you’ll also find the following printable scarecrow activities: a scarecrow color by numbers and a printable scarecrow/Halloween puzzle. Please click on a printable picture to visit the download page.

Scarecrow Craft for Kids

Instructions: Color the scarecrow. Then cut out the scarecrow’s body and limbs, and put them together using brass fasteners. Finally, glue a Popsicle stick on the back, and your craft is complete! Great for preschool/early elementary fall and Halloween activities. Make sure to keep an eye on kids when they’re using scissors.

scarecrow craft for kids

Alternatively, children can draw a Halloween scene on a large sheet of paper, and then paste the scarecrow into it, arranging the arms and legs as they feel best fits the scene.

Scarecrow Activity – Color by Numbers

Follow the coloring guide at the bottom of the page to complete the scarecrow color by numbers activity.

scarecrow color by numbers

The above printable is great for early elementary school and preschool students learning their numbers.

Scarecrow Activity – Printable Halloween Puzzle

Cut out the pieces and put together this printable Halloween puzzle.

scarecrow activity for kids

Finally, since it’s fall and Halloween is coming up soon, I’d like to share the following comic strip, from my web comic, “Ergo”. To read more Ergo comics please click here.

halloween comic stirp





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