Weather for Kids | Free Cloud Templates and Weather Coloring Pages

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What’s the weather like outside? The answer to that simple question was probably taught to you in preschool. Though the reply, “It’s sunny,” or, “It’s rainy” is obvious today, chances are you learned it from a parent or teacher. And now that you’re older, and you have a preschooler or two of your own, it’s your turn to be the teacher.

To help you teach your young ones about the weather, I’ve created a set of free Weather for Kids Printables, including cloud templates, weather coloring pages, and cloud clipart. I’ve illustrated pictures for each of the weather types: sunny, rainy, cloudy, partially cloudy, windy, and snowing. I’ve also added a few related printables, including sun coloring pages / sun templates and lightning coloring pages / lightning templates.

All of these drawings are free to print for personal and educational purposes. I hope your kids enjoy them!

Weather for Kids

Blank Cloud Templates

For starters, print one of these blank cloud templates. If you’re a teacher, you can cut them out and use them as decorations in the classroom. Your kids could also draw faces on the clouds, or write a story on the inside of the cloud.

To download a cloud template, click one of the template images below. A larger version of the picture will open in your browser. Right-click on the picture, and then press, “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. To print, open it in an image viewing program and then press print.

Cloud Template

Blank Cloud Template weather for kids

Weather Coloring Pages / Cloud Coloring Pages

Lo and behold, look at what we’ve got here: weather coloring pages for kids! Each weather type has its own cloud coloring page. We’ve got partially cloudy, rainy, windy, cloudy, snowing, and thundering.

weather coloring pages Rain Cloud Drawing Cloud Image Cloud Printable Weather Coloring Page Weather Printables

Weather for Kids

Cloud Decorations

Moving on from the cloud coloring pages, we have a set of classroom wall decorations, featuring each of the weather types in full color. You could also print these out and use them as flashcards. Show each drawing to your students, and ask them what sort of weather the picture represents.

Cloud Art Cloud Clipart Cloud Illustration cloud picture Cloud Template Printable Thunder Cloud

Cloud Printables

All the cloud templates and cloud coloring pages on one convenient sheet. These may be useful for a classroom art craft or activity.

Cloud Templates weather for kids

Rain Templates

Rain templates, for if you want to decorate your classroom walls with some rain, without covering the school in water.

Rain template Rain Drops

Sun Templates

Here comes the sun! Below you will find a sun coloring page, a blank sun template, and some sun decorations. Print these sunny printables, and brighten up your day.

Sun Coloring PageSun Template Sun PictureSun Clipart

Lightning Bolt Templates

In related printables, check out these free lightning bolt templates. Forged by the Titan Cyclops, these mighty electrifying printables were made for the children of Zeus. Or maybe I just created them in Adobe Illustrator. Believe what you like.

Lightning Bolt Printable Lightning Bolt Template

Weather for Kids Clipart Sheet

Last but not least, I’ve combined all the color cloud clipart images into one sheet. I hope all these printables will help your students learn.

Till next time,


Weather for KidsEach of these printables is free for personal and educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited.

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  1. Hello Mr. Tim,
    Just a note to thank you for all these wonderful art work! It will make an impact to my students that i privately tutor here in the Philippines! God Bless you for your generosity!!

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