4-Leaf Clover Templates

4-Leaf Clover Templates 4-Leaf Clover Template

4-Leaf Clover Template Craft Ideas

Printable 4-leaf clover template shapes for all your cheerful St. Patrick’s Day decorations and classroom activities. Cut out these merry shapes and paste ’em on bulletin boards, doors, in the hallway, and on pots ‘o gold. Add them to St. Patrick’s Day posters, book reports, and cut and paste crafts.

If you want to make  these 4-leaf clover templates last a long while, print them on card stock and laminate them.

And now a few more ideas:

1. 4-Leaf Clover Bookmarks – Paste the 4-leaf clovers onto a bookmark template. Then your students will all have lucky bookmarks!

2. Create a St. Patrick’s Day Game – Use your own imagination to create a St. Patrick’s Day game. Print a game board template, and use the 4-leaf clover templates as game tokens.

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