Apple Templates

Apples are a symbol for teachers, the classroom, and learning. If you’re a teacher for a printable apple template in order to create an apple craft for preschool students, take a look at the free apple printable below. There are several unique printables to choose from.

The first is an apple outline, and the second is a line illustration of an apple. You can use these as a stencil for tracing an apple onto construction paper or felt. You could also use these as apple coloring pages, and allow your kids to draw a face inside the apple. Next we have a full-color illustration of an apple. You can use this for a variety of preschool apple crafts. Cut out the apple and pin it to your bulletin board as part of your classroom decorations. Create an apple shaped book, and use this apple as the cover.

Printable Apple Templates for Cut & Paste Projects

Apple TemplateApple Craft
Preschool Apple CraftApple Crafts for Preschool

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