Banana Templates

Banana TemplatesBanana Template

Printable Banana Templates

Free printable banana templates for creative art crafts for students and kids. Print them as a decoration for a bulletin board or school poster about monkeys. (As you can see, I’ve also added a fun piece of monkey clip art to the mix.) You could also print these bananas to create a banana border, a banana pattern, cut and paste project or even game tokens for a homemade game.

Click on either image above to go to that printables’ download page.

I’ve drawn a thin dotted line to guide students or teachers while cutting out the banana shapes.

On the first banana template sheet, there are 3 different colors of bananas in 2 different sizes. The smaller bananas could work well as printable stickers. The larger bananas could be used as banana stencils, or as wall decorations.

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