Blank Moon Templates

If you want to decorate your craft project with moons, print one of these blank moon templates. These blank moon printables come in a variety of sizes. Select the size that’s perfect for your creative activity. These shapes are ideal for elementary and preschool teachers to use in the classroom, as well as for hobbyists creative artwork at home.

Free Printable Moon Templates

Moon printables
1-Inch Moon Printables
Moon shapes for kids
2-Inch Moon Printables
printable moon stencils
3-Inch Moon Printables
Moon printable sheet
4-Inch Moon Printables
blank Moon template
5-Inch Moon Shape
Moon shape stencil
6-Inch Moon Shape
Moon outline
7-Inch Moon Stencil
Moon Templates / Moon Shape Printables
8-Inch Moon Stencil


Moon Activity Ideas

If you’re a parent or a teacher, here are a few ideas for using these moon shapes.

1. The Moon’s Face: Print the large 7″ or 8″ moon template. Ask you kids to draw a face on the moon. Then color it and cut it out. On the back ask them to write a short one paragraph story about the moon.

2. Magic Hat: Print the smaller 1″ or 2″ moons. Cut them out and use them to decorate a wizard’s hat made out of construction paper.

3. Moon Stencil: The large moon shapes work well as stencils. Print on to thick paper. Cut out the shape and use it to paint onto a wall.

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