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Little girl coloring butterfly printable.

istock.com/SednevaAnna; edited by Tim van de Vall


Brighten up school activities and art crafts with these free printable butterfly templates and butterfly shapes.

Choose from 14 free butterfly printables. They come in various colors as well as black and white. Each butterfly printable is free for personal and educational purposes.

Paste them on book report posters, bulletin boards, and science fair boards. Include them in cut and past activities for primary school. Tape them into scrapbooks, or onto journal pages.

These fun craft supplies are suitable for youngsters in preschool and above.


Printable Butterfly Templates

Various sizes, in color and black & white

For starters, here are four butterfly template sheets for you to print. The sheets depict the monarch butterfly in various colors and sizes.

Around each butterfly is a light gray dotted border, to guide you when you cut them out.

Printable Butterfliesbutterfly templatesButterfly Printables Butterfly Stickers

Large Butterfly Shapes

In a variety of colors

Next up, we’ve got a set of large butterfly shapes in several different colors, including orange, pink, green, purple, turquoise, blue, red, and black & white.

Orange Monarch ButterflyPink ButterflyGreen ButterflyPurple ButterflyTurquoise ButterflyBlue Butterfly  Red Butterfly    Black and White Butterfly

Butterfly Stencils & Silhouettes

butterfly stencilButterfly Silhouette

Butterfly SilhouettesButterfly Stencils

Butterfly Activities for the Classroom

Some creative ideas for parents and teachers

Here are a few fun activity ideas that teachers can do with their students using these butterfly templates.

Girl with butterfly on nose
Photo Credit: istock.com/CarMan-by

1. Design a Butterfly: Print the butterfly stencil. Ask your students to design their own butterflies using their pencils, crayons or markers.

2. Butterfly Shadow Puppets: Print one of the butterfly templates. Glue a stick onto the butterfly and now you’re the proud owner of a new shadow puppet!

3. Butterfly Decorations: Print several of the colored butterflies. Scale them to the size that you want in your printer settings. Cut them out, and add them to bulletin boards, and wall & door decorations.

4. Butterfly Craft: Print the black and white butterfly template onto sturdy paper. Then cut out the white areas of the wings. Paste colored plastic film on the back of the butterfly so that the wings are transparent and shiny.

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  1. Thanks Tim for the butterfly shapes. I have made quilts of butterfly shapes and also add a block of a butterfly to quilts I have made. I want to make one omre before my time is gone and you are truly an inspiration.

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