Cone Templates

Printable cone templates for the creative in you. What should you use these printables for? I leave that entirely up to you. Think of them as two-dimensional lego blocks, that you can create with your printer. I started creating such templates a while back, when I realized that such shapes would actually be quite hard and time-consuming to make for people who don’t have access to programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. So to save you a bit of time, I’ve created these shape sheets. I hope they’re useful.

Each page contains a set of simple cone shapes, which you can color and add to your art projects at home or at school. Each downloadable shape template set is combined onto a letter-sized sheet, which is the regular paper size in the USA. The actual cone shapes on each page come in various sizes, ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches in width. You’re allowed to include these free cone outlines in any personal art project you’re working on. People often use them in flyers, signs, posters, paintings, crafts and as stencils for painting. That about sums it up. Feel free to leave comments below.

Free Printable Cone Templates

Cone printables
1-Inch Cone Printables
Cone shapes for kids
2-Inch Cone Printables
printable cone stencils
3-Inch Cone Printables
Cone printable sheet
4-Inch Cone Printables
blank Cone template
5-Inch Cone Shape
Cone shape stencil
6-Inch Cone Shape
Cone outline
7-Inch Cone Stencil
Cone Templates / Cone Shape Printables
8-Inch Cone Stencil

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