Printable Dog Templates for Art Crafts

Free dog templates, dog shapes and printable dog stickers right here for are your arts and craft needs. If you’re making a dog-theme poster for school, decorating your house or making an art project, print these fun dog pictures. Great for kids and students.

The illustrations on each template range in size. Kids can print the larger dog shapes as coloring pages, and then draw the background themselves.  Please use for personal and educational purposes only.

Printable Dog Templates

These printable dog shapes can be used to make dioramas, felt story boards, as decorations for a bulletin board, and for cut and paste crafts for kids. Also works well as a stencil, shadow puppets, or as tokens for a homemade game. Really, it’s all up to your own creativity how you decided to use these shapes.

Printable Dog Stickers Printable Dog Templates

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