Printable Donut Templates | Blank Doughnut Shapes

Mmm…donuts. If you or your kids want to decorate donuts, or make this delicious pastry out of felt or cardboard as an art craft at home or at school, download one of these printable donut templates.

Kids can color and decorate their own donuts. I’ve created 8 different PDF donut shape sheets, each containing various sized donuts, between 1″ wide and 8″ wide. Download the one you want to use for your creative art craft. These shapes can also be used on posters for bake sales or events where you’re giving away donuts.

To download, click on a template below. Free for personal and educational purposes only.

Printable Donut Templates

Doughnut Templates
1″ Donuts
donut templates
2″ Donuts
donut printables
3″ Donuts
doughnut shapes
4″ Donuts
printable doughnut shapes
5″ Donuts
doughtnut template printable
6″ Donuts
donut stencil
7″ Donuts
donut template
8″ Donuts


Donut Craft Ideas

1. Donut Designs: Ask your kids to design their own donuts. Have them draw in sprinkles, frosting etc.

2. My Favorite Donut: Print the large donut template, and ask your kids to draw their favorite donut. Suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids.

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