Eight Pointed Stars

Drawing a perfect 8 pointed star is difficult to do by hand. Fortunately, you don’t have to, thanks to these handy star templates. Select one of the 8 printable PDFs below, or heck, download them all! They’re particularly useful for kids to use in cut and paste art projects at school or at home.

The first sheet contains tiny 1-inch stars, which kids can use to create their own constellations. The second sheet has 2-inch wide 8-sides stars, which kids can color and use as badges. Next we have a set of 3 inch star printables. These are big enough to write messages in. Decorate them, or use them as stencils for cutting stars our of felt, foam, cardboard or colored construction paper. The biggest eight sided star available is 8 inches wide, pretty much the biggest size you can fit on a letter-sized sheet of paper.

As usual, all these PDF downloads are free for personal and educational purposes. And if you have any comments or ideas, feel free to send me an email, or leave a comment. Happy crafting! -Tim

Printable Eight Pointed Star Templates

eight pointed star shapes
1-Inch Eight Pointed Stars
8 sided stars
2-Inch Eight Pointed Star Shapes
8 pointed stars
3-Inch Eight Pointed Star Shapes
eight sided stars
4-Inch Eight Pointed Star Shapes
8 pointed star
5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
8 pointed star
7-Inch 8 Sided Star
eight sided star shape
8-Inch 8 Sided Star

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