Eleven Pointed Stars

Print a set of eleven pointed star templates for your school art project or hobby craft. These free shape printables come in a range of sizes. The smallest stars are only 1 inch wide. The largest 11 sided star stencil is 8 inches wide. Each star sheet has been saved in PDF format.

You can color them, or just print them on colored paper. And if you want these shapes to last, consider laminating them. You can also printing your shapes onto thick construction paper.

These star shapes can be included in countless creative projects, such as scrapbooks, decorations, school crafts etc.

Click on one of the sheet below to go to its attachment page. Then click on link to open the PDF in your browser.

Printable Eleven Pointed Star Templates

eleven pointed star shapes
1-Inch Eleven Pointed Stars
11 sided stars
2-Inch Eleven Pointed Star Shapes
11 pointed stars
3-Inch Eleven Pointed Star Shapes
eleven sided stars
4-Inch Eleven Pointed Star Shapes
5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
7-Inch 11 Sided Star
eleven sided star shape
8-Inch 11 Sided Star

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