Printable Five Pointed Stars

Printable five pointed star shapes for art projects! My star templates are among the most popular items on my site. This isn’t surprising, because they can be added to countless creative crafts. Cut them out and paste them on posters for Independence Day, use them to make a decorative border, or for school art assignment.

The stars on this page are the classic sort with five points. They’re available in many different sizes; download the template you need! Ideal for posters & decorations. All the shapes have been arranged to fit onto 8.5×11 letter-sized sheets.

I created these sheets as a resource for the creative folks out there who can’t easily draw these shapes with a computer program. After all, to draw these all these shapes with a pencil would be very time-consuming. And these printables won’t cost you a penny!

Please download for personal/educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited. You may use these 5 pointed star stencils for any personal creative work, including art projects, booklets, diorama, stickers, and signs.

Printable Five Pointed Star Templates

five pointed star shapes
1-Inch Five Pointed Stars
5 sided stars
2-Inch Five Pointed Star Shapes
5 pointed stars
3-Inch Five Pointed Star Shapes

five sided stars
4-Inch Five Pointed Star Shapes

5 pointed star
5-Inch  Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
5 pointed star
7-Inch 5 Sided Star
five sided star shape
8-Inch 5 Sided Star

2 thoughts on “Printable Five Pointed Stars”

  1. My son and his friend are decorating t-shirts to wear to the new Captain America movie today and these stars are perfect thanks!

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