Printable Flame Stickers & Flame Templates

If you’re making an arts and crafts project, and want to decorate your work with some well-drawn flames, then download some of these free printable flame stickers and flame templates. The flame stickers above come in a variety of sizes and colors. And below, you’ll find a set of flame template sheets. On these sheets, the height of the flames is written at the top of each page.

These flame printables can be used for any personal and educational art project. Teachers and parents are welcome to download the templates they need for their students and kids. Print them for bulletin boards, posters, scrapbooks, coloring pages etc.

The small flame stickers may be useful for a diorama for school, or for a cut and paste assignment in art class. The medium sized flame shapes can be used as stencils or outline. If you’re learning how to draw, you can also trace over them or try redrawing them. The large flame outlines can be printed as coloring pages or stencils for decorating a wall or making a flame-shaped poster.

Printable Flame Templates

Printable Flame Stickers Printable Flame Templates

printable flame stencils
3-Inch Flame Printables
Flame printable sheet
4-Inch Flame Printables
blankflame template
5-Inch Flame Shape
Flame shape stencil
6-Inch Flame Shape
Flame outline
7-Inch Flame Stencil
Flame Templates / Flame Shape Printables
8-Inch Flame Stencil

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